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Our past car shows sent over $50,000 to:
This charity will not waste your money.

Organized in 1997, started 01-01-1998, 2023 is our 26th year as a car club!
Founder-Feature-Car pages show the current cars of continuous members

Blood Sweat and Gears car club is a non-profit corporation under State of Illinois law. The club is active in many local charitable activities. This includes the donation of funds to local as well as national charities and foundations.
  The Members and Officers are very proud of the growth and notoriety of the club in it's twenty four years of existence. Our events rank among the best in the state, and word of mouth advertising has become a major asset. As the club continues, our visibility within the community continues to increase. The club receives many requests to participate in and make appearances at car events in the Midwest. This has a positive benefit to our membership, our business sponsors, civic organizations, and the communities at large.

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These founding members were the club's Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers.
They are in the order they served. All are 2022 members.

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