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Diz - 1972 El Camino
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Diz - 1972 El Camino
(President 1998 & 2006)

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Diz - 1972 El Camino Diz - 1972 El Camino Diz - 1972 El Camino Diz - 1972 El Camino Diz - 1972 El Camino
Diz - 1962 Impala 409
Diz - 1962 Impala 409
Diz - 1987 El Camino SS
Diz - 1987 El Camino
Diz - 1999 Corvette
Diz - 1999 Corvette
Diz-1954 Chevy pickup
Diz-1954 Chevy pickup
ok; here's the El Camino's life story...
it started out life in a gravel pit in southern Illinois....
then became a full blown show car...
then became a cruiser, participating in Hot Rod Power Tours and Good-Guys events across the nation...
then took residency up on the lift in the garage, lucky to get out a couple times a year,,,
then it got new "legs"  (Detroit Speed pro-touring chassis components)...
Now it's a full blown autocross race car and it's the top dog again and it wins!!!!