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2023 (our 26th year) Blood Sweat and Gears member's vehicles
Click on any image below or look at the member's-> feature vehicles

The 2023 club officers are: Don, Mike G, Bob and Charles :-)

Diz - 1954 Chevy pickup
Diz-blown 54 Chevy
Clyde-1958 Procharger
Clyde - 1958 Ford
Rick - 1962 Plymouth Max-Wedge
Rick R- Max-Wedge
Charles - 1965 Falcon Futura
Charles-1965 Falcon
Don's 1934 Ford
Don's 1934 Ford
Mike G - 1957 Bei Air
Bob and Darlene - 1969 Camaro
Bob - '69 Camaro
Glenn and Paula' toys
Glenn-69 ElCamino
Randy - 1968 Mustang
Randy- 68 Mustang
Randy - 1968 Mustang
Dave - 1967 GTO
Wendy 1965 Mustang CT Coupe
Wendy - Mustang GT
AAR Cuda
John- AAR Cuda
Rick B-50th Anniversary Camaro
Rick B-50th Anniversary
Kerry - 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix
Kerry-'66 Grand Prix
Mike - 2005 Monte Carlo
Mike - Monte Carlo
Nancy - 2010 Camaro
Nancy - 2010 Camaro
Ron - 1967 GTO
Ron K - 1967 GTO
"new  member"
"new  member"
"new  member"
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