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 Blood Sweat and Gears car club

Blood Sweat and Gears

Cruisin' Memories


Club Member Stories about our first cars, or cars we wish we still had.

DizHere's a picture of my 1st Corvette.... a 1961 Corvette built as a drag car...
Rick R was riding with me whenI wasdrag racing Mouse's Corvette down RT 251 from Shooting Park Road... had to be 1967, when I power shifted to 3rd gear at 7500 rpm under the 7th Street overpass,the front yoke on the drive shaft broke & the shaft came thru the fiber glass floor & parts of it exited thru the roof; collateral damage included trans tail housing, bell housing, drive shaft.
Best time 12:55 121 mph Byron drag way... C gas
Sold to Larry Johnson, then he sold it to Bill Sherman, then Bill traded it for a GTO at Sauder-Ripple dealership on RT 51. Then a guy just out of the service was on a bus that went by the dealership.  He got off the bus, brought the Corvetteand drove it home to Texas...
Clyde: I paid $550 for this 1958 Ford when I was 16 years old.  My dad went through the ceiling saying it was a $300 car.  I found my old Fairlane in February 2006.  The car had been repainted and the engine had been replaced.  I purchased the car back for $3500, took it to my Arkansas home where she was gone through from new sub-frame and custom floor to all new glass, rubber and red paint.  Then installed an injected 4.6 DOHC Mustang V8, 5 speed transmission, and so on.
Charles: at age 14, $25, 1950 Ford ex-cop car, bad steering box, not allowed to leave the yard, removed the body, shortened chassis 3 feet, built roadster body of plywood, two kids pick backend off the ground, driver lets clutch out in first gear and floors it, kids drop backend=burn out :-)
Fuzzy and Shirley: First new car when we married. 1972 Cutlass S purchased new and we still have it.  In a restore mode right now.
John S: The first car I purchased and would like to have now was a 1958 Impala, 348, 3 deuces, Turboglide. Could get rubber at 30 miles an hour with 6 people in the car. Bought it in 61 and sold it in 63 for a down payment on our first house. The color was gold top and beige bottom. Great car! Copyright 2013 by CharlesT