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1974 Triumph TR6
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1974 Triumph TR6
Bob is the second owner.  It's a survivor, with original paint.

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1974 Triumph TR6 1974 Triumph TR6 1974 Triumph TR6 1974 Triumph TR6 1974 Triumph TR6
Bob choose the Triumph TR6 when he was working his way thru college.  He fell in love with the wood dash and the big inline 6 engine.  He promised himself someday he would have one.  In 1987 he decided it was time to fulfill the promise to himself and spent 6 months looking all over the United States for a great example TR6.  Bob was living in Champaign, IL and his twin brother was living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Bob told his brother about his quest.  His brother said he had passed a collector car dealership in Fort Wayne and thought he had seen a TR6 in the showroom.  Bob called the dealership and they said that yes they had an excellent TR6 in the showroom that had basically been a one owner car, with only 32,000 miles on it.  It was red and basically all original. Bob drove up to Fort Wayne the next Saturday; arrived at the showroom at 9am; by 11am he was driving the TR6 back to Illinois.
The original owners were 2 brothers who lived together and the TR6 was their “date car” and only used for that purpose and always kept in the garage.  Bob called the brothers and asked why they were selling the car and was told that one brother was getting married and the other single brother could not buy him out.
Bob has owned it ever since.  Bob has a letter from the brothers.
It now has 73,000 original miles on the odometer. Bob has it to drive!!!!!!!!!!