BLOOD SWEAT AND GEARS - 2003 feature Buick
Rick and Kathy - 1972 Buick Gran Sport convertible

Click on image for a full-size photo - Buick Centennial year feature car
BLOOD SWEAT AND GEARS car club members Rick and Kathy are proud of this extremely rare - 1972 Buick Gran Sport convertible. They are the first U.S. owners! Rick searched for years to find this. There were only 645 GS convertibles made in 1972.   Just 61 were for export to Canada. They were made in Flint, Michigan and have Canadian emission controls. A Canadian Mounty last owned this one. After retirement he decided to sell it so he could restore his Ford Phaton. Rick found out about this Buick on the Internet from the Mounty's friend and started a 6 month long telephone dialogue with the owner in Ontario. When the deal was finally made; Rick and 2 other club members drove 22 hours straight to get to the car. The Mounty drove the Buick all the way to the U.S. border with Rick as a passenger and Bob and Diz following in a pickup pulling a car trailer.  Rick has been perfecting the Gran Sport and Kathy likes the wind in her hair. Everybody's happy! Rick and Kathy are judges at the Buick Nationals in Bowling Green, KT and members of the Grand Sport Club of America
(link) Chicago chapter.