BLOOD SWEAT AND GEARS - August 2012 feature
Jim - 1970 Challenger
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"Plum Crazy"
1970 Dodge

plus "Hot August Nights"
in Reno, Nevada in 2010

Jim's 2006 HEMI R/T

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Jim - 1970 Challenger Jim - 1970 Challenger Jim - 1970 Challenger Jim - 1970 Challenger Jim - 1970 Challenger
Jim and Barb purchased this 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible exactly a dozen years ago this month, August 2000.  They drove it for two years having done only a tune-up and a 4 barrel carburetor rebuild.
2002 brought the total body rebuild and paint in the correct shade of Dodge muscle car era "Plumb Crazy".
2005 was time for a total rebuild of their number matching 383 cubic inch, tire burning V8.
2007 and the raise in gas prices, so that brought the Gear-Vendors overdrive unit.
Now all set for serious travel, they took it on the 2007 Hot Rod Power Tour from Cleveland to Little Rock, followed by many adventures including a 2010 trip to Reno, Nevada for "Hot August Nights".
You recognize the month of August is shining big for this car so it is the Blood Sweat and Gears, August 2012 feature car.  Jim does some upgrades each year but it's still a driver.
Jim says "Barb and I have a lot of fun driving it about 4000 miles each year".