John - 1953 Studebaker
A tribute to John S. Sr., who was lost to heart failure in March 2013. 
John was a founding member of this club
John worked every Club cruise night and show. His happy vision of life always made us smile along with him.
Here is his customized
<-- 1953 Studebaker.
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1953 Studebaker 1953 Studebaker 1953 Studebaker 1953 Studebaker 1953 Studebaker
John purchased the car in Michigan. He saw it for sale in a magazine and called the fellow. It sounded like what he was looking for, so he flew there and drove it home. It was in pretty good shape when he got it, but it had a lot of lead in the body. John took it to Mendota Custom (Phil Buland) where it took 5 years to complete. Modifications are: Top chopped 31/2" in front and 21/2" in back, 1939 Pontiac back window, 1956 Packard tail lights, which are placed into raised and formed rear fenders, Frenched headlights, Tilted front pan, Smoothed doors and rounded corners, Louvered hood, 396 inch big block Chevy and Turbo 400, Camaro front clip, Monte Carlo disc brakes, Digital dash, Antique Air, full console, Carrera buckets, Thunderbird rear seat, etc.
The car and paint have been done for over 20 years.